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I’ll be gone over at Galvaston tomorrow and Monday so that means limited wifi (and cramped cars)

I havn’t really posted much today, but I still hope everyone’s having a nice night!! kisskiss


A collab with feralpariah and me!! #nsfw

Feral bb did the lovely linework and I colored ‘v’//


Potential future adoptable? I don’t know- I am pretty new to this whole adoptable shaz, but I could always use some extra money to put towards my down payment.

I was thinking min $5? 

If anyone is interested lemme know! Adoption would include her fullsize picture along with either the rough sai/photoshop file for tweaking. 

(FYI my layers are really messy gomen) 

I wanna buy scar wax for my makeup because it’ll be easier to make a Glasgow smile and wounds but I am running low on money

No, I don’t hate you or anything. You just gotta acknowledge that you’re automatically gonna get more benefits from me by being who you are, and I won’t.

But you don’t want to acknowledge this. You refuse to and instead run off acting like I don’t know what I’m saying. I know what I mean when I say this. I’m not stupid. I’m unhappy that you refuse to see why I am hurt because of my background and why you aren’t.

Just because you’re satisfied with how society treats you doesn’t mean I am. People still stereotype me with the negatives, and it isn’t a fun ride to get looks from parents and children thinking that I’m going to do something bad because of movies showing people like me as villains, the character who dies first, a joke, or a fetish.

Thank you for all the nice comments on my makeup!! I was busy removing it so I couldn’t get to reply to it all ;v;


a comic i drew when i first got into off but then never expanded upon

still cute i guess

>Uses Sucre makeup with Zacharie cosplay
>Unusually feminine Zacharie
>I’m so sorry

>Uses Sucre makeup with Zacharie cosplay
>Unusually feminine Zacharie
>I’m so sorry

So this is my makeup practice for the “burnt cheek holes” headcanon. I don’t really like how the teeth came out but it took my about an hour to do this whole thing.